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Designs That Add Value to Your Brand

Box Designs that Add Value to Your Brand

Boxes accompany hundreds of different products from the production stage until they reach the consumer. It is like a kind of product’s dress. Think about how you will react negatively when you go to the street or to work with the wrong choice of clothes. The more negative feedback there will be from behind you, if not to your face. Here, putting your product on the market with the wrong box models also allows you to get the same wrong returns and greatly harms your brand.

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Kutu ve Ambalaj Üreticisi

The opposite is also the case… With a perfectly designed box, you can raise the aesthetics of your product to a much higher level and increase the memorability of your brand and product. Therefore, it is of great importance to make the right box designs for your products, it affects your presentation much more significantly.

How to Make Box Designs?

The function of the boxes to be placed outside of the products is quite high. It means much more than just delivering the product to the consumer safely. Therefore, professional support must be taken in its design and correct steps must be taken. So, how are the perfect design boxes made?

Considerations in Box Design

If you want to design boxes that will add value to your brand, you should pay attention to various tricks. Because every brand must develop a unique perspective. It should also reflect this in its own unique form. For an effective packaging, attention should be paid to the following:

  • Stand out from the pack with your box design. Make your brand visible. For this, attract the attention of consumers with the design and the details you will place on it. Let your box say Take Me to those who see it.
  • Do not be afraid of simplicity. Research has shown that plain box designs are much more effective. Because simplicity gives people peace. It offers serenity in the chaos.
  • Box designs should appeal to all ages and audiences. At this point, develop a design that can be easily described and understood by even a 5-year-old child. In this way, your packaging wins the mind of the consumer and recognizes you even if you don’t buy it everywhere. Be sure to have your own unique back logo on the packaging. Let the general design and the logo support each other.
  • Everything has an energy. Even if the consumers are not aware of it, everything they see evokes some emotions in them. Therefore, appeal to people’s emotions with your box designs. For example, the most used packaging is to use human faces. The purpose of this is to be able to make eye contact. Make sure your box design appeals to the other party’s emotions.

Most Preferred Box Models

Box models have a wide range of alternatives. The box models to be used vary according to the purpose of use and the sector served. In particular, types such as printed boxes, specially designed boxes, presentation boxes, fixed boxes, cardboard boxes, mailboxes, archive boxes, flower boxes, gift boxes are among the most preferred. Although the box models are different, details such as colored patterns and font sizes should be original in successful designs.

Box Design Prices

Box designs and box model prices vary according to the type, dimensions, number of the box and the materials to be used. As Tazetrend, we can print in all sizes with the most modern technologies. With our professional design team, we create designs beyond your dreams and we always try to bring the best service at the most affordable price.

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